What is AC?

It’s the main question most often asked of our organization – what is AC? What’s the point of it? That’s also a good question, because today in 21st Century life there is more connectivity, interaction, and ‘community’ available than 20 years ago that makes living in Asia not much more different than living in Europe or North America. Yet there are core differences to what makes this organization unique. Here are five areas in which AC adds value to the Members it places:

1. It’s an apostolic and pioneering organization. We are not just another facilitation structure, or loose network that enables people to go fulfill the Great Commission. We provide oversight and leadership that lays foundations, aligns the process of what we do with who we are, and intentionally empowers our Members to realize their potential and impact the nations for Jesus

2. Joining or working with AC comes with engaging relationships intentionally. Without accountability, support, and encouragement in our journey we can be blind to the obstacles that hold us back. With team mates that are our biggest cheerleaders, yet who also speak the truth in love, AC provides authentic Kingdom community.

3. Working long term cross-culturally comes with a cost. AC provides the infrastructure and support to help our Members thrive, not just with the practical things that make life work, but through the provision of counseling support services that enable individuals to go the distance as singles, in their marriages, as parents, among the AC family.

4. Coaching and mentoring are contemporary buzz words. AC has a number of professionally trained life coaches that support our Members in the practical and spiritual aspects of their ministries – making a real difference to the start up phase, development, or execution of their work.

5. Ultimately AC is focused on its Members’ growth. Who we are is what we replicate. Organizationally we structure our training and support services to enable each individual to live out of their wiring, design, and personal values with a focus on finishing well and bearing lasting fruit that impacts real life and changes communities.