Support Asia Connect

In 2013, for the first time, AC raised over $25,000USD in funds for its operations and expansion plans. Those funds helped us launch two new team ventures into the Middle East and provide a number of scholarships to individuals that would not have been able to attend our training and be released into their work. It was truly amazing and we are so very very thankful to each person who generously gave.

As we look ahead into 2015 we are excited to increase our fundraising capacity so that we can continue to grow and release many more into what they are called. We have existed as an organization entirely on the fees of our members for the last 25 years and while this has provided enough for our day to day operations, in expansion we are needing to fundraise more because we have grown and consequently have more costs.

In late 2014 we will be starting afresh to fundraise money for Asia Connect with a budget of $500,000USD. This will be towards developing a training centre in Asia that enables us to roll our training program throughout the year, grow our new teams in the Middle East and raise the level of resourcing our members currently receive. We want to continue to release people into what God has called them to in new locations – but with the flavor of AC micro-communities – teams of individuals that are founded on our values of authenticity, growth, and community. We believe these elements are essential to sustained, effective, and long term effective ministry that bears lasting, world transforming fruit.

Even in our rapidly changing world, there are still countless millions who have yet to hear, and many communities across Asia, the Mid-East and Africa that are yet to experience the fullness of the Kingdom through Kingdom businesses, non-profits, and churches. Please do consider partnering with us as we expand and grow!

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