Modelling Jesus

In Asia Connect our mission is to empower people so they can realize their God-given potential. We value first and foremost our relationship with Jesus and seek to model him in all we do. What does it look like to model Jesus in how we empower our Members? Here’s a few thoughts to how Jesus did it:

1. He never used the finish product. The disciples were pretty much young teenagers when called to follow him, dropouts from the rabbinical schools, and sourced mostly from a working class background. They didn’t get what Jesus was about, argued the whole time about who was best, and when it came to the crunch abandoned their friend. Yet still Jesus says His work was done and prayed for them as the cornerstone of His church. What a wonderful picture of how Jesus used the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.

2. He raised the bar really high. Eating flesh and drinking blood was a pretty high bar that many couldn’t get over. His extreme views, and a vivid picture of what it means to loose everything were too much for many who’d rallied to His call.

3. He subverted every cultural and socially excepted norm and set “a new normal”. His goal was separation from what the disciples assumed and had been indoctrinated with from their religious backgrounds and realignment into the new community ways he was creating.

In Asia Connect we have a high bar to entry and a set of values [which we continue to blog about] that purposefully go against the cultural grain of our individual cultural backgrounds. We are about Kingdom values and while our cultural backgrounds are to be celebrated as facets of our creative Father – the unredeemed pieces get subverted by Jesus in how he builds his church. Most encouragingly, none of us are the finished product. We are all on a journey, by grace becoming more like him, and each figuring out in their own way what the new normal is in the places we’ve been deployed. This new normal looks like this…

– Teams in conflict but they don’t break up and fall to pieces, rather they all lean in and grow from the process.

– Families walking through the seasons of life with support, encouragement, and accountability while remaining effective in ministry.

– Marriages that come first and kids that know Mom and Dad consider them to be most important.

– Individuals and leaders that do business with God and make the intentional choice to grow rather than holding to their pride and torpedoing their business five years later because that pride leads to poor choices….

…these are just a few things of what we believe it means to Model Jesus in Asia Connect as we seek to be like Him as we follow…

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