Connect Course 2015 – coming soon!

Each year Asia Connect (AC) holds a six weeks training course for those wanting to join AC. The Connect Course (CC) has been a highlight for many of our members and is something which is referred to throughout their time on the field as a place where they have formed strong friendships and have been filled with great teaching that they still use today.

The CC 2015 is running from the 28th June until the 8th August, and takes place in Khao Noi Village in Hua Hin, Thailand. The CC beholds a selection of fantastic teachers and some eye opening teaching. We are sure that this will stretch you as well as build on those foundations that have been laid already in your journey. The six weeks are a chance for you to fully immerse yourself in the teaching, and discover more about AC and who we are. One of our values is ‘Community’, therefore we believe in intentionally spending this time together, do live with each other, work through conflicts, spend time with God, rest, and also take this opportunity to really check out whether AC is a good fit for you and if we feel you are a good fit for AC.

During our first week we will start to get to know each other by sharing our testimonies and participate in some team building activities. In our second week we will find out about the AC Tools and AC Values as well as explore topics such as Spiritual Warfare, Hearing God’s Voice and Walking with Jesus through every Circumstance. During our third week you will gain insights into your unique design and begin to explore your life purpose, discover the value of a disciplined and creative dreaming process and learn to explore your dreams in a new way. You will learn to identify your unique personal values and delve deeper into your life purpose as you identify foundational themes and “mini-convergences” that provide rich destiny clues. In our fourth week we will be exploring the Old Testament Template – a teaching which is part of AC’s core ministry philosophy. It deals with the reason why the Christian faith has become weak and ineffective in dealing with issues of politics, economics, beauty, the family and daily issues of life. We will look at ways of how to reach nations with our message outside of the usual evangelical trappings. We will explore what a discipled nation looks like and what God’s heart is for the nations. The teaching is based on Landa Cope, who is committed on presenting a Biblical perspective on the 8 spheres of society. Our teachers in week five will be sharing their experiences on the tension of being with God, becoming more like Him and living for Him amongst the Nations. We will be looking at our own discipleship and making disciples, drawing on scripture as we look at our forebearers in the faith and our own life stories. During this week we will also go on a ‘inner-heart-journey’ as we look deeper into our own hearts and see the fullness of God through our shared experiences and stories. The last weeks teaching will be based on another core principle within AC. We will be learning about how to communicate Christ among folk religions by looking at animism and it’s place in the world today, exploring the differences between high and low religions and it’s affect on sharing the gospel, as well as figuring out how to present a holistic message to everybody.

If you are already intending to attend the CC I am very much looking forward to meeting you! For those who would like to find out more information, please email